Monday, September 25, 2006

I think it's rather Fetching!

I've finally finished Fetching! :)

Thanks to Shanwen who greatly inspired me to finish this...and the extremely cold Melbourne weather

Took me about 4 days in the end, with assignments and all.

Did this (as per recommended by Shanwen) with 3mm needles, yarn used is 1 ball of Heirloom Cashmino 8 Ply. Made teeny mistakes esp. with the Picot Hem cast off since I'm not sure what that is...:P but hey it'll do...:)

Woo Hoo~ finally something to warm my hands!!! ^^

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally and update!

But it's another

I knitted this for a friend of mine. She wanted a white scarf and no...this is not Zara. LOL

It's ends of Cleckcheaton Country 8ply knitted in dropped garter stitch. Took me a couple of days to do as I was doing my assignments at the same time then... :P

Currently knitting 'right' Fetching! \^^/ yay~!