Friday, January 30, 2009

Revelations & Resolutions

The new year, my birthday and Chinese new year has come and gone and finally the last day of January. January was certainly full of revelations. One thing for sure is that I'm really blessed to have so many friends who celebrated my birthday and this year I actually had 4 birthday cakes! And the pressie (though not important) it's like a psychic thing. I got things that I really wanted even from my bf who usually has trouble finding the right gift. However, my point is, as I had my final round of birthday celebrations I realised that not everyone is fortunate enough to have so many great and fantastic friends. ^^ So thank you.

Then there was the round of 40 deg. days in Melbourne. Why is this a revelation? Well let's just say I actually appreciate my parents even more. ;;^^ Thank goodness for air-conditioning. Enough said. ;;^^

So what's the resolutions?

Well, I'm going to be starting on phd this year. I'm not sure how the journey will turn out but I've enrolled. :P I guess it'll be a LONG 3 years. -_-
But I'll bear with it. ^^

I'm going to be more organised with health (ie. watch what I'm eating and exercise more!!!) and money. I haven't been the best person in these two areas, but inspired by April, I've decided to restart my spending diary and food diary. I realised there's actually a correlation between my spending and my eating. :P I spend money on too much food!!! I guess at least these two things are tied together... phew.

Then finally I want to read more. Books I mean. I've realised how much I've missed reading when I'm hooked into the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I'm at Eclipse now (YAY!). I'm going to go back to my Betsie the Queen of Vampire series by MaryJanice Davidson after I finish Breaking Dawn. ^^ And I miss talking about books with April!!! ^^

I guess finally I need to be more patient. Bf's tutoring sometimes annoy me because it impacts our dating life. But I guess at the end of the day, that's what he loves to do. And I cannot stomp on his happiness for my happiness.

To be more pro-active with me.u! ^^ Above is a birthday present I made for my friend Evie. ^^

Anyway... that's all I can think of for now. :P

But tonight there will be a knitting night at A's house. So I better prepare as to what project I want to do... a new one or a KIP?

Maybe I should add in another resolution... to complete all my KIP. -_-

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another one of those new year things I do....

... is finish my me.u website. ^^ So now the new website is officially located at:

To commemorate the new website, here's a promo video that was done for the website. Jittralada made this video for me. Thanks Jittralada! ^^