Friday, April 24, 2009

quick update - new look!

I've just changed the way my blog looks. Apologies for those people whose links momentarily disappeared. But it's all back now....^^

Monday, April 06, 2009

knitting night & a new project!

We return to our usual programming... knitting!

In January, Anuja had a brilliant idea of hosting a knitting night for a couple of her girlfriends. So we gathered, each brought a dish and we created a monthly tradition! Projects that was started/continued on the first night; a blanket and 5 scarves!

In February, I finished my long-awaited KIP!

Then March, I hosted it in my house. :)

Projects started: 3 scarves, 1 garment
Project continued: 2 scarves
Project completed: 1 scarf and 1 blanket

Anuja finished her blanket. ^^

Breanna completed one scarf and started another. ^^

Roopa continued on her multi-coloured, recycled silk scarf. ^^

And after much knitting hiatus, I've started on Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knit - Puffed Sleeved Feminine Cardigan. This whole piece is knitted in one, except for a little pick-up around the front edges for the button bands.

Even though the original is in red, I've done mine in a pink-ish red Zara. I'm quite excited by it, though there are some bits about the pattern that I worry about... :P

Anyway, wish me luck! At least with knitting nights continuing every month, I get some motivation to finish this. ^^