Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finally! A chance to blog!

Things have been quite hectic with my current work. But I'm actually loving it, in particular, I'm beginning to see the impact of the project. But the thing that makes me happy too is being able to continue to do what I love... knit & bead! ^^

Just as I said to Melita before, just because I quit from Wool Baa, does not mean I have to stop knitting. ^^ In fact, I got more time to knit and I've finally finished my pink/green bow tie scarf which I'm quite happy with. Best of all I finished it on time for a gift. ^^

(Taa daa! All finished! ^^)

I'm currently knitting my own scarf... I'll show the photos when it's done. ^^ But next, I'd probably knit another Fetching (refer to my post here too on my first one) as a gift for someone too. ^^


On the beading front, I finally "opened" my little stall at J's gallery, Rosie Gallery. It was a fun experience and like Shanwen said, we managed to sell some things. I'm quite happy that people enjoyed the things I made. It's not so much as the money, but I was mostly happy the things are going to good homes.

(That's me knitting while err...watching my stall...)

(Mine & Shanwen's share table....)

(Our stall - closer look)

(Shanwen, me and Anuja)

I also got some special orders. Here's one that I did for one particular order. This was a tag-team effort. The request was to make a whole set of necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring. Working with A, I made the ring and earrings. I was really pleased with the results. Here are the items I made. ^^

(On my hand...I'm not a hand pardon if the hand doesn't look too

(The earrings made .... I love love love how this turned out!!!)


Overall, things have been productive. But remember to come by to the next Rosie's Bazaar on Saturday, 24th May 2008.

Details as follows:

78 Johnston Street, Collingwood

(make sure it's Collingwood! Past Wellington Street)

10am to 1 pm

See you there! ^^