Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolution

This entry is inspired by April's blog entry. The new year is only hmm... hours away and like everyone else, I have my own resolutions. Every new year is a beginning and a continuation so here are my resolutions. ^^

1. To lose weight & live healthier.
I guess that is 2 resolutions isn't it? ;;^^ I have to admit that I have recently gained weight. Maybe it's the Krispy Kreme Donuts, the Doughbuoys Donuts... the creamy (but oh so yummilicious) long-johns and donut that J always got me on most Saturdays... but I really have to lose some weight this coming year. I got the exercise machines. I just need to use them now. ;;^^

2. To actually have a "career".
I've finally finished my official study, so I guess that next step is to actually work properly. Yes, I'm working now, but I guess I just want to be a bit more serious about it now. I hope next year things will work out as I planned and I'll be able to say really what is my occupation by the middle of the year. I don't mind having multiple career, but I just want to work and actually earn some serious money, not erm just pocket money.

3. To re-study my problem-solving materials that I got from my previous supervisor.
This is an odd sounding one... but when I worked as a Research Assistant, I was lucky enough to work with a supervisor who wrote an interesting material on problem solving. I studied it but I got lost somehow in the middle as it became technical. This coming year, I want to study it again and actually apply it.

4. To be a better person (ie. more patient, more loving, more determined and less procrastination!).
You get the idea. :)

5. To study for my JLPT exams (maybe).
I'm still unsure if I really want to get the certification for my Japanese... but I studied it for 3 years before... :P I guess I might as well if I have the time and the money for the lessons. ;;^^

Anyway these are really the ones so far... I'll add to it as I go... haha...

Anyway would be lovely to hear what your resolutions are. ^^

Friday, December 28, 2007

Kris Kringle Scarf II

Similar to my other Kris Kringle scarf (which I'm glad was liked by the recipient as the next day she wore it when I happened to see her on the street!!!), this scarf utilises the idea of patches. So I used up my Jo Sharp DK wool stash and my Cleckheaton Country Natural stash and this is what I came up with. ^^
Hope the other person to get this would be happy too...^^

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Kind of a Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Goddess. You are constantly giving and are unconcerned with reward, you simply want others to love knitting as much as you do. If someone wants to knit miles of novelty yarns, you are there for them. If someone wants to learn short row shaping, you can help. There are no taboos in knitting, only opportunities to grow. Everyone should have friend like you around if they want to learn to knit, and there's a good chance that your passion has rubbed off on a few others.
Take this quiz!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I love Kris Kringles!

Not that I love receiving presents (though who wouldn't) but I also love making my presents or even going through the whole present finding process makes me happy...;;^^

Anyway, this year I have 2 Kris Kringles with 2 groups of friends so I decided to use up my stash. This scarf may look "strange" when rolled up... almost boxy isn't it?

Well, it is! ^^ This scarf has been knitted with 3 ends of 8 Ply on 12mm needles, with a pattern adapted from Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves. If you have to get a scarf book, I wouldn't give this book a miss. I picked it up by accident. It was located right at the top shelf of a local Borders store. Those who know me personally would have known I am vertically challenged and could have completely missed the book. But out of curiosity to see what is on the top shelf, got a stool and grabbed this, browsed it and I was sold! I love the designs for the sheer creativity and best of all, the scarves are actually not that hard to make and they are adaptable as shown on this featured scarf.

Anyway, I hope whoever gets this scarf would be happy... ^^

Sunday, November 25, 2007

As if I need more buttons....

but yep. Each time there is a button sale, you can bet that I'll be there. Though I did pick up some really cool buttons. ^^

This would be a rather longish entry... at least many photos and information to share. So please bear with me. ^^

So I took a break with Juliet II and produced this! This scarf has been knitted with Karabella - Aurora Melange in shade 18. As usual, I knitted this scarf on a 15mm needles with 3 strands at the same time. This piece is actually knitted for mum whom I think always look lovely with a dash of amethyst colour. She'll be arriving for my graduation so I'll keep you posted if she likes it or not...haha

Hopefully this scarf will tantalise my knitting mojo so I can finish Juliet II...though I have this sudden urge to knit more scarves. In summer..d'oh!

Also, being quite productive produced 3 jewellery designs. Well, actually 2 are pressies for people and they've been made with the people in mind. One features a long necklace with a filigree detail to suit my friend, Evelyn while the other one is deliberately kept simple as Chia (my other friend) seemed to like more simple accessories. ^^ Well, the third...umm it's mine. My own piece was made short, almost like a choker. I was playing around with wires and some of my buttons and I saw this choker/necklace idea from a Taiwanese drama I was watching. So the design kind of evolved from there.

For Evie

For Chia

For myself

I didn't post them at my jewellery site as I'm trying to keep new things until the new site is up. But I had so much fun doing them that I couldn't wait but to share them...;;^^

Also, have posted new links for yarns or book purchases. ^^ One courtesy of Melita and one courtesy of a customer. For great yarns you can get some from Webs, while Book Depository offers FREE International mailing! So these two sites are great resources for any knitters! ^^

Ok, that is enough from me... lol you can stop reading now. ^^

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here is Juliet II knitted till the bodice part. I still need to do the lace part...though I had to unravel it again the other time. Maybe I just need a break before attempting it again...;;^^

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

all that is left....

is this. Juliet II unraveled before my eyes when I decided to unravel a couple of rows. She became a tangled mess... but I didn't like the looseness of the knitting anyway and will re-do this on 6mm needles instead to help with my tension.

Though... it was about 3 hours of work unraveled... ;_;

Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh Juliet!!!

I'm so so so in love with this fantastic pattern from Zephyr Style (Thank you to Shanwen & Melita who introduced me to the pattern by blogging about it.)!!! I've finished my Juliet and love it so much, I'm going to knit one in Patons Serenity in Pink! ^^

The lace did cause some issues...but I've worked it out by the time I've done the third set. And I think the way the pattern was done, it was easy to follow. ^^ I haven't decided if it'll be buttons or ribbons... but at the moment pin will be it, since on me, it does overlap...;;^^

On foodie note... I was experimenting with prawns the other day... and came up with this! ^^ It's Stir Fry Seasoned Prawns. Recipe will be coming soon. ^^

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A breather....

Daylight savings has started in Melbourne and I actually missed it... waking up really late (thinking it's still early). :P Anyway, since my work from the research is on track, I've been able to cook and experiment...and of course knit! ^^

Reasons to love Ikea: Swedish Meatballs!!!

I have to admit, I'm one of those person who loves going to Ikea, imagining what my ideal house should look like (including a walk-in wardrobe!). One other reason I love Ikea is for their Swedish Meatballs... it's cheap and yet filling. ^^ Imagine my happiness when I discovered we can actually get them frozen, the sauce in packs and cook them ourselves. Hence, my version of the Swedish Meatballs courtesy of Ikea and frozen fries. Real easy, and affordable too... ^^

Oh Flour, Flour Everywhere

Mochi made with Rice Flour

Mochi with Green Tea Ice Cream

Was exploring Shanwen's blog the other day, and through her links to cooking blogs, found a recipe for making Green Tea Daifuku. I decided to modify it with green tea ice cream filling instead. The first batch I made was hard... and I was thinking this can't be right. Yep... I was wrong... I used rice flour instead of glutinous rice flour. Tried a second batch and it was much much better. Only thing though, I had issues with the ice cream. So instead of filling it with the ice cream, why not just eat it with the ice cream? The green tea ice cream is from Baskin Robbins Melbourne Central @ Lower Ground Floor. ^^

Oh Juliet, Wherefore Art Thou?

On my knitting needles apparently! ^^ Inspired by Melita and Shanwen who are knitting this cute top, I've finally jumped in and started my Juliet from Zephyr Style too. ^^ I am knitting it in Bendigo Woollen Mill's Classic Venetian in 2x 8 ply. Hope I'll be ok when I've reached the lace bit...considering I don't do laces at all... but so far it's a quick knit. ^^

Monday, October 22, 2007

No new project to show...

I've been quite busy recently with data entry tasks for my research assistant job. So I haven't had the time to actually do any any knitting. On the personal side, I've finished re-working on my brother's site, so now it's back up! Just working out the little kinks now... :P

However, just because I couldn't knit doesn't mean I couldn't talk about knitting! I got this most amazing book from Debbie Bliss, The Pure Cashmere Collection. The patterns are just divine! Great accessories with a lot of potentials to play around. Also includes simple garments that I can do. I'm simply excited! ^^

Also, it is confirmed that my next project will be the Tilted Duster as inspired by Shanwen's entry about it. Yarns? Checked! Needles? Checked! Mental preparation? Checked!!! With my speed of knitting I'm pretty confident if I start now, I can finish it by next winter. ^^

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new look coming soon....

My accessories store will have a new look soon... so do watch out for it! Anyway for current stock, there is 30% discount (excluding mailing costs) for purchases for items dated on or before 19th Sept 2007. This is in preparation for the new website... ^^ Clearing out whatever current stocks I have. So why not buy presents for Christmas now? ^^

offer valid until 31st Oct 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

of food & summer knitting ideas

Continuing my food blogging... ^^ Tonight's menu is Chicken Baked Rice. I've done this recipe for many times now and my mum helped me come up with the original one ages ago... But I've decided to improve on the presentation by garnishing it with the parsley that Shanwen had suggested I put into my pasta.

This is it, full view and presented. ^^ BTW I'm working on putting some of recipes together in a little book... I mean a book for myself. ^^ But that means that I'll be putting some of them online on PDF format when I can. However, my style of cooking is anything goes... I'm the type of cook who rarely measures anything... ;;^^ So chances are my recipe would not have much measurements... everything is kind of done to taste.

On the knitting front, I'm thinking of a summer project... I have this nice silk yarn. I guess it's going to be another scarf... But I'm hoping to merge the jewellery making technique with this one... hope it'll work! ^^

BTW Melita, when you asked me the vest I was confused... lol I was talking about my supposedly quick knit vest. ;;^^ But later I realised you were talking about the vest I borrowed from you...haha. Sure I'll bring it down to Wool Baa when you are coming down. Please let me know in advance. ^^

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Imported Jewellery

Have decided to help my friend with her business... so I guess this is my business too... ^^;; Anyway here's a voucher if anyone is interested... :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little bit about food...

My parents are wonderful cooks though I used to have doubt about my cooking talents. I mean when I have wonderful food cooked for me, I certainly find it easier to eat rather than cook. Hence, when my parents are not around, I just do the easiest thing which was go out and eat! ^^ But recently, after finishing university and realising that I do need to find a full time job, the importance of being economical hits home and I've been cooking. It also certainly helps when my bf prefers to eat home cooked food...;;^^ Anyhoo, just like what my mum is easy, but you need to have the interest to do it. ^^ My mum also always said beautifully presented food always taste ta dah!!!! ^^

This was on Monday's dinner menu. Chicken Congee garnished with fried onions. I am quite proud of this recipe. I found out the secret to the taste and fragrance is in the initial garlic, onion, ginger and spring onion, and the eventual chicken stock. This is the first time my congee is actually flavourful! ^^

Then on to Tuesday's menu... Spaghetti cooked in Alfredo Sauce with roast chicken ham and mushrooms. I got a bit creative with the presentation as I'm watching a Japanese drama that showcases food a lot...;;^^ So got inspired. ;;^^ Shanwen, you are right about the herbs... I added a sprinkle of parsley and the flavour is deeper than what I had done before. The tomatoes also added a lovely tangy but fresh flavour to the food. ^^

All in all, I'm quite proud of myself... I'll definitely try and cook this for my parents when they are in Melbourne again and see what is the verdict... ^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a Classic!

It's finished!!! ^^ I knitted this pattern out of the Classic book by Erica Knight, part of the Rowan Collection. ^^ However, instead of using Big Wool, I've used 3 ends of Zara knitted together. Total number of balls required? 6 balls of Zara, but it still worked out cheaper for me...and best of all, I get to pick the colour that I want. ^^ This was easy to knit, and quick too. And it fits! ^^ I've tried it on. hehehe...and here's the styling that I would go for when wearing this vest... ^^

I am absolutely happy about this, as this is the very first time I knitted an actual garment, finished it and loved it! ^^

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Massive knitting entry ( least I do think it's massive..;;^^)

I woke up early, just in time to catch the postman this morning and this arrived from! ^^ From the books, I could see a couple of projects I'm interested in. Particularly I'm very much inspired to do a pair of room shoes from the Room Shoes book. The I'm Knitting book, the designs are more contemporary and a bit different and more special, which I'm excited about. ^^ And the for the men's book, I think maybe my bf would appreciate some of it...;;^^

Talking about bf, this is what I've finished for him today!

This scarf is a mix of machine-knitting and hand-knitting. I've machine knitted this in double rib pattern, then and accident occurred when I was casting it off! I dropped a stitch and it unraveled... since I've knitted quite substantially, I was reluctant to bin it. :P So I decided to be creative and picked up the stitches and hand-knit it. Then I added buttons to create a mock-up look. Not liking the imbalance created, I picked up the other side as well and knitted it in basket-weave pattern, using some left-over Opal Sock yarn. My bf likes it, and I quite like the patchy effect too... ^^ So...erm...success!!! \^^/

I have this left-over yarns from a previous project. It's 2x 50g balls, and 2x used 50g balls. The used ones are only used VERY slightly... :P I don't really know what to do with these. I can't return them to Wool Baa cause this is a colour that we've ran out of since Jo Sharp doesn't have it either... Is anyone interested in doing a stash trade or something? ;;^^ It's definitely enough to do a scarf... Anyway if no one wants them, maybe I'll sell them on ebay... :P

Friday, September 14, 2007

I took a photography course!

(This is taken with my mobile phone! ^^)

Well, I took it more cause my friend is the one conducting it. I've learnt quite a bit from it. ^^ I've also been interested in photography but just more of a hobby thing. But I guess what I like most about photography is capturing that special moments. I used to remember when everyone went digital, I still used film photography and even after ending up with 6 rolls of film, I continued to defend my choice. I used to say to my friends, if digital it's deletable, but when it's film, you can capture the true moments.

(This is also taken with my mobile phone! Got to love my LG Chocolate~ ^^)

But anyway now I've gone digital. lol But I guess one day I would like to be able to buy an SLR camera...;;^^ My friend let me use his, and boy was it great!!!

Anyway, to find out more about what my friend does visit his website at:

Or you can visit my older brother's website at:
(It's down at the moment due to issues with Globat hosting it...:P, try visiting it on a later date... :P)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

knitting for the soul

I'm a bit sad cause something happened and I had to make a choice that I do not want to make in the first place. :P I spoke with my bf, parents, brother and friends and in the end I think I made the right choice. :P But I had to knit to soothe my soul...;;^^

Anyway despite having not finished the quick knit vest....I decided to try out another vest pattern. I promise to finish it...;;^^

From Classic by Erika Knight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

pet peeve

One thing I really hate is people who borrow things and NEVER return them! Argh~~~ this is the 2nd time it has happened with the particular person and I don't know why I lent her my dvds, when she did not return one of my novels which was out-of-print now....

sigh...and of course the DVD I had to lend her was one of my favourite Korean dramas... which means now I have to get the whole set AGAIN.


Saturday, August 25, 2007


I got it to work~~~! ^^

Simply Made is now accessible also through my own webserver at:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

scarf progress....

Remember my previous scarf? Well this is it, progressing quite nicely albeit slowly... ;;^^ But I'm quite happy with the 7mm needles, the ribbing and the Zara yarn. ^^

I'm going to try out another hat pattern...I'm still thinking what yarn I'll be using and if it works. But if it works, chances are the pattern will be posted here again... ;;^^

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knitting patterns

Added a new column for free knitting patterns that I've done. ^^

First up is Kitty Kat (refer to this previous post), though it's still untested but it's easily adaptable.

Let me know if this works... :) or if I need to edit it... ;;^^

BTW the link will take you to a PDF version.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lunch Idea!

This is an easy and cheap lunch idea I had. Made this for bf...;;^^

Mini tonkatsu (comes in a pack and was about $7.00, I think) and deep fried beancurd (comes in a pack of 12 for about $2.00) served in a bed of rice sprinkled with dried seaweed and sesame seeds. This lunch pack comes with a serve of seaweed kimchi (about $3.00) and completed with tonkatsu sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. While the total comes to about $12, but this is actually enough to feed one person 4 times. ^^ So technically, the whole lunch only cost about $3! ^^ Nice and easy and delicious too! ^^

Sunday, August 05, 2007

More knitting books entry....

Before you gasp and accuse me of not sticking to the err...financially savvy me... I have to declare I have not bought these books YET. LOL although I think they are really interesting and are probably worth it...;;^^

Some are crochet-based but I think these would be a nice addition to any knitting library... ^^

Monday, July 30, 2007

New beginnings to a more financially savvy me....

Well, I've decided now that I've finished my studies, I should really work hard to be more financially independent from my parents. I'm ecstatic of course about my new employment as a research assistant and I thought from that job and the one from Wool Baa, I could start saving. Have a real savings account that will grow and grow....

Despite having the business background (officially now), I tend to be a bit weak on the financial side of things especially on my own finances... :P So I decided to purchase a book that will help me to get started. ^^

Here's what I got:

But then..... I also got these on the way...;;^^

Well, so much for saving money... I guess I can always knit my own garments. ;;^^