Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little bit about food...

My parents are wonderful cooks though I used to have doubt about my cooking talents. I mean when I have wonderful food cooked for me, I certainly find it easier to eat rather than cook. Hence, when my parents are not around, I just do the easiest thing which was go out and eat! ^^ But recently, after finishing university and realising that I do need to find a full time job, the importance of being economical hits home and I've been cooking. It also certainly helps when my bf prefers to eat home cooked food...;;^^ Anyhoo, just like what my mum said...cooking is easy, but you need to have the interest to do it. ^^ My mum also always said beautifully presented food always taste good...so ta dah!!!! ^^

This was on Monday's dinner menu. Chicken Congee garnished with fried onions. I am quite proud of this recipe. I found out the secret to the taste and fragrance is in the initial garlic, onion, ginger and spring onion, and the eventual chicken stock. This is the first time my congee is actually flavourful! ^^

Then on to Tuesday's menu... Spaghetti cooked in Alfredo Sauce with roast chicken ham and mushrooms. I got a bit creative with the presentation as I'm watching a Japanese drama that showcases food a lot...;;^^ So got inspired. ;;^^ Shanwen, you are right about the herbs... I added a sprinkle of parsley and the flavour is deeper than what I had done before. The tomatoes also added a lovely tangy but fresh flavour to the food. ^^

All in all, I'm quite proud of myself... I'll definitely try and cook this for my parents when they are in Melbourne again and see what is the verdict... ^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a Classic!

It's finished!!! ^^ I knitted this pattern out of the Classic book by Erica Knight, part of the Rowan Collection. ^^ However, instead of using Big Wool, I've used 3 ends of Zara knitted together. Total number of balls required? 6 balls of Zara, but it still worked out cheaper for me...and best of all, I get to pick the colour that I want. ^^ This was easy to knit, and quick too. And it fits! ^^ I've tried it on. hehehe...and here's the styling that I would go for when wearing this vest... ^^

I am absolutely happy about this, as this is the very first time I knitted an actual garment, finished it and loved it! ^^

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Massive knitting entry (well...at least I do think it's massive..;;^^)

I woke up early, just in time to catch the postman this morning and this arrived from Yesasia.com! ^^ From the books, I could see a couple of projects I'm interested in. Particularly I'm very much inspired to do a pair of room shoes from the Room Shoes book. The I'm Knitting book, the designs are more contemporary and a bit different and more special, which I'm excited about. ^^ And the for the men's book, I think maybe my bf would appreciate some of it...;;^^

Talking about bf, this is what I've finished for him today!

This scarf is a mix of machine-knitting and hand-knitting. I've machine knitted this in double rib pattern, then and accident occurred when I was casting it off! I dropped a stitch and it unraveled... since I've knitted quite substantially, I was reluctant to bin it. :P So I decided to be creative and picked up the stitches and hand-knit it. Then I added buttons to create a mock-up look. Not liking the imbalance created, I picked up the other side as well and knitted it in basket-weave pattern, using some left-over Opal Sock yarn. My bf likes it, and I quite like the patchy effect too... ^^ So...erm...success!!! \^^/

I have this left-over yarns from a previous project. It's 2x 50g balls, and 2x used 50g balls. The used ones are only used VERY slightly... :P I don't really know what to do with these. I can't return them to Wool Baa cause this is a colour that we've ran out of since Jo Sharp doesn't have it either... Is anyone interested in doing a stash trade or something? ;;^^ It's definitely enough to do a scarf... Anyway if no one wants them, maybe I'll sell them on ebay... :P

Friday, September 14, 2007

I took a photography course!

(This is taken with my mobile phone! ^^)

Well, I took it more cause my friend is the one conducting it. I've learnt quite a bit from it. ^^ I've also been interested in photography but just more of a hobby thing. But I guess what I like most about photography is capturing that special moments. I used to remember when everyone went digital, I still used film photography and even after ending up with 6 rolls of film, I continued to defend my choice. I used to say to my friends, if digital it's deletable, but when it's film, you can capture the true moments.

(This is also taken with my mobile phone! Got to love my LG Chocolate~ ^^)

But anyway now I've gone digital. lol But I guess one day I would like to be able to buy an SLR camera...;;^^ My friend let me use his, and boy was it great!!!

Anyway, to find out more about what my friend does visit his website at: http://www.lightpainterphoto.com/v8/index.php

Or you can visit my older brother's website at: http://www.ivanhoharlim.com
(It's down at the moment due to issues with Globat hosting it...:P, try visiting it on a later date... :P)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

knitting for the soul

I'm a bit sad cause something happened and I had to make a choice that I do not want to make in the first place. :P I spoke with my bf, parents, brother and friends and in the end I think I made the right choice. :P But I had to knit to soothe my soul...;;^^

Anyway despite having not finished the quick knit vest....I decided to try out another vest pattern. I promise to finish it...;;^^

From Classic by Erika Knight.