Saturday, October 27, 2007

A breather....

Daylight savings has started in Melbourne and I actually missed it... waking up really late (thinking it's still early). :P Anyway, since my work from the research is on track, I've been able to cook and experiment...and of course knit! ^^

Reasons to love Ikea: Swedish Meatballs!!!

I have to admit, I'm one of those person who loves going to Ikea, imagining what my ideal house should look like (including a walk-in wardrobe!). One other reason I love Ikea is for their Swedish Meatballs... it's cheap and yet filling. ^^ Imagine my happiness when I discovered we can actually get them frozen, the sauce in packs and cook them ourselves. Hence, my version of the Swedish Meatballs courtesy of Ikea and frozen fries. Real easy, and affordable too... ^^

Oh Flour, Flour Everywhere

Mochi made with Rice Flour

Mochi with Green Tea Ice Cream

Was exploring Shanwen's blog the other day, and through her links to cooking blogs, found a recipe for making Green Tea Daifuku. I decided to modify it with green tea ice cream filling instead. The first batch I made was hard... and I was thinking this can't be right. Yep... I was wrong... I used rice flour instead of glutinous rice flour. Tried a second batch and it was much much better. Only thing though, I had issues with the ice cream. So instead of filling it with the ice cream, why not just eat it with the ice cream? The green tea ice cream is from Baskin Robbins Melbourne Central @ Lower Ground Floor. ^^

Oh Juliet, Wherefore Art Thou?

On my knitting needles apparently! ^^ Inspired by Melita and Shanwen who are knitting this cute top, I've finally jumped in and started my Juliet from Zephyr Style too. ^^ I am knitting it in Bendigo Woollen Mill's Classic Venetian in 2x 8 ply. Hope I'll be ok when I've reached the lace bit...considering I don't do laces at all... but so far it's a quick knit. ^^

Monday, October 22, 2007

No new project to show...

I've been quite busy recently with data entry tasks for my research assistant job. So I haven't had the time to actually do any any knitting. On the personal side, I've finished re-working on my brother's site, so now it's back up! Just working out the little kinks now... :P

However, just because I couldn't knit doesn't mean I couldn't talk about knitting! I got this most amazing book from Debbie Bliss, The Pure Cashmere Collection. The patterns are just divine! Great accessories with a lot of potentials to play around. Also includes simple garments that I can do. I'm simply excited! ^^

Also, it is confirmed that my next project will be the Tilted Duster as inspired by Shanwen's entry about it. Yarns? Checked! Needles? Checked! Mental preparation? Checked!!! With my speed of knitting I'm pretty confident if I start now, I can finish it by next winter. ^^

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new look coming soon....

My accessories store will have a new look soon... so do watch out for it! Anyway for current stock, there is 30% discount (excluding mailing costs) for purchases for items dated on or before 19th Sept 2007. This is in preparation for the new website... ^^ Clearing out whatever current stocks I have. So why not buy presents for Christmas now? ^^

offer valid until 31st Oct 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

of food & summer knitting ideas

Continuing my food blogging... ^^ Tonight's menu is Chicken Baked Rice. I've done this recipe for many times now and my mum helped me come up with the original one ages ago... But I've decided to improve on the presentation by garnishing it with the parsley that Shanwen had suggested I put into my pasta.

This is it, full view and presented. ^^ BTW I'm working on putting some of recipes together in a little book... I mean a book for myself. ^^ But that means that I'll be putting some of them online on PDF format when I can. However, my style of cooking is anything goes... I'm the type of cook who rarely measures anything... ;;^^ So chances are my recipe would not have much measurements... everything is kind of done to taste.

On the knitting front, I'm thinking of a summer project... I have this nice silk yarn. I guess it's going to be another scarf... But I'm hoping to merge the jewellery making technique with this one... hope it'll work! ^^

BTW Melita, when you asked me the vest I was confused... lol I was talking about my supposedly quick knit vest. ;;^^ But later I realised you were talking about the vest I borrowed from you...haha. Sure I'll bring it down to Wool Baa when you are coming down. Please let me know in advance. ^^

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Imported Jewellery

Have decided to help my friend with her business... so I guess this is my business too... ^^;; Anyway here's a voucher if anyone is interested... :)